2020 Vision Series

Bring to the Present your 20/20 Vision

This 6-session series is designed to ignite the clarity in your life and for the new year to come. It’s said that hindsight is 20/20. When healing the aspects of life that bring clouds and fog, we can bring to the present moment that 20/20 vision. It takes some work, but luckily, you have help!

In these bi-weekly, transformational sessions we will:

  • Get you connected to your body
    • Learn how to feel into your body to learn the messages it shares
  • Enhance your intuitive gifts
    • Learn to work with your Clair senses to better understand the world around you
  • Clear energetic blocks
    • Accessing the Akashic Records, we will clear energetic attachments creating blocks to success and progress
  • Explore your soul’s path & challenges
    • Learn more about what you soul’s purpose is here on earth
  • Future-Self Manifestation Meditation & Exercise
    • Experience a guided meditation and follow-up exercise to manifest your greatest Future-Self
  • Align body/mind/soul with your 2020 Vision
    • Ignite your vision from within

Multiple healing and coaching modalities will be utilized in each of these sessions, as your guides and soul see fit. Every session is as unique as the individual participating.  Sign-Up today!

Reserve Your Spot

The sessions occur bi-weekly at a set time/day. Reserve your preferred appointment time by booking a consultation with me!