Akashic Records Reading

A peek into the soul's diary to discover soul purpose, connections with others, energetic experiences and lessons, ancestral trauma, and so much more! This session is a gentle way to ease into Akashic Healing through discovery.

Holistic Healing Session

In these sessions, we examine the body, mind and spirit as a whole, identifying energetic blocks, conscious mind obstacles, and anything else in the soul path that is causing discord. Multiple modalities are often used.

Transformational Series

Be Intuitive

This 6 session Series is designed to get you connected to and trusting your intuition and your own body's messages above and beyond anyone else. When we tap into our "extra," or Clair senses, we can quickly identify what is for the greatest and highest good in our lives. In these sessions, we will

  • Establish current levels of Intuition and the Clair senses
  • Identify and clear energetic programming creating blocks to connection
  • Develop clear lines of communication with Spiritual Committees
  • Provide tools and education to allow the conscious mind to harmonize with the soul's messages.
  • Utilize multiple modalities as guided by the Individual's needs in each session

Be The Healer

This 6 session Series is deigned to get you working with your own inner healer. Many of us begin to awaken our healing power and don't have a basis in which to integrate the shifts that present themselves. Some of us are being called to heal others and need guidance. Wherever you are on the Healing path, this Series will meet you there. In these sessions, we will 

  • Discover Soul Themes & Challenges
  • Clear energetic blocks to igniting and aligning the Inner Healer
  • Infuse structure and confidence to the Holistic Bodies. 
  • Integrate the Spirit body messages
  • Provide education and tools to work with Spirit and Energetic Flows
  • Utilize multiple modalities as guided by the Individual's needs in each session

Be Aligned

Often times what we say we want and what we actually do conflicts. Not intentionally, it just seems to happen that way. You know you want to get healthy, but can't give up the ice cream. Or perhaps you want to be a punctual person and do everything you can to be on time, but somehow you're still always late. So often we say we want something but can't make it happen. In this 12 session series, we focus on the integration and alignment of the soul's desired path with the free-will expression of the human body.  In these sessions we will

  • Discover the Soul's specific themes, challenges and lessons
  • Assess holistically the health of relationships, career, finances and the physical body
  • Examine the relationship the body and mind has with the Spirit Self
  • Connect the individual to their own personal spiritual committees and guides
  • Provide knowledge and tools to navigate the human and spiritual experience as a harmonized and balanced being
  • Apply multiple healing techniques and modalities to clear and remove energetic blocks to the soul's path
  • Experience guided meditations
  • Align thoughts, desires and purpose with conscious minded expressions and actions.

Community Healing


I offer various types of workshops to get you connected to your Inner Guidance, Spirit Guidance, and Self-Healing techniques. Subscribe to my mailing list for event updates!

Guided Meditations

I offer guided meditation experiences where we focus on a specific intention and allow our guides and committees to join us in this gentle healing process. Subscribe to my mailing list for event updates!

*If you reside in a state/city with legalized plant medicine, there are additional offerings available*